Fermentation optimization - Alcoholic fermentation activators

Fermentation optimization - Alcoholic fermentation activators


For musts with significant deficiencies and fermentation halts
ACTIVIT is made up of Diammonium phosphate, inactivated yeasts and thiamine.
It therefore supplies available nitrogen, vitamins and acts as a detoxificant.
The proportions of each components are perfectly suited to the treatment of difficult musts with significant deficiencies.


For the co-inoculation and must with low deficiencies
ACTIVIT NAT is a fermentation activator made up exclusively of inactivated yeasts. This 100% natural activator provides amino acids, small peptides and stress resistance factors that are absorbed by the yeasts throughout alcoholic fermentation.ACTIVIT NAT provides balanced alcoholic fermentation (contrary to ammonium salts) and a well-defined end to alcoholic fermentation.ACTIVIT NAT also contributes to the organoleptic quality of the wine and reduces risks of the production sulphur compounds.


For top quality fermentation
ACTIVIT O is a 100% organic balanced nutrient, essential for grapes to express their aromatic potential.


A 100%-organic detoxicant nutrient, dedicated to end-of-fermentation use.


Fermentation activator specifically intended for bottle fermentation
EXTRA PM guarantees optimal yeast activity during Tradition, Charmat, ancestral bottle fermentation.


Boosts the healthiness of yeast and optimizes its abilities to bring out aromas.


Enhanced yeast healthiness for ensuring bubble formation in closed tank method and optimizing its capacities to bring out aromas.


To make it easier for yeasts to grow
THIAMIN (or vitamin B1) acts on yeast growths, increasing the population and prolonging the duration of their activity. To do so, it acts on the carbohydrate metabolism when the decarboxylation of ketonic acids into aldehydes takes place.


For highly scrubbed white or rosé musts
A complete activator which provides all the elements required for optimum fermentation.
Supplies available nitrogen to multiply yeasts. Supplies available nitrogen to multiply yeasts.
The inactivated yeasts encourage detoxification of the medium and provide vitamins, trace elements and sterols.
The cellulose increases the turbidity and acts as a yeast support.
The thiamine stimulates growth rate.