Lees Alternatives

Lees Alternatives


Softens bitter and astringent end notes in red wines for a sensation of greater ripeness.


Shapes attack and mid-palate qualities in red wines through sensations of body and


Protecting must and harvests from oxidation of colour and aromas.


Action synergique d’une levure inactivée spécifique et un tanin sélectionné pour protéger la couleur et les arômes des vins blancs et rosés contre les oxydations survenant pendant les étapes préfermentaires.


To preserve the freshness and aromas of white wines
Glutarom is made up of cellular crusts which are naturally rich in glutathione.
With its antioxidation properties, GLUTAROM prevents faulty aromatic ageing in white whines and the loss of fruity aromas in young wines.
A natural source of polysaccharides, it improves the volume in white wines.


Rich in reduced glutathione to anticipate the preservation of wines with low sulphite. GLUTAROM EXTRA is a nutrient resulting from the latest techniques in the selection and production of inactive yeasts with a very high GSH content. If it is added at the beginning of fermentation, in the end it enables you to obtain a wine with a greater concentration of GSH, if the yeast is also correctly fed with organic nitrogen.


Offer a new dimension to your wines
SPHERE demonstrates its value towards the end of alcoholic or malolactic fermentation by enhancing perceptions of volume and roundness on the palate


Body, length and sweetness when refining wines
SPHÈRE EXPRESS is a formulation rich in inactivated yeasts and specific manno-proteins. Its grain size fosters a large surface of contact between the wine and useful components of the yeast, while at the same time reducing the product’s dustiness.
As a very active yeast fraction, SPHÈRE EXPRESS quickly enhances perceptions of roundness, fullness and length on the palate.


Body, structural quality and sweetness in elevage of red wines
SPHÈRE ROUGE is a dedicated inactive yeast. Its grain size fosters a large surface of contact between the wine and useful components of the yeast, while at the same time reducing the product’s dustiness.
As a genuinely selected lees, SPHÈRE ROUGE quickly enhances perceptions of body in the attack on the palate and improves the perception of structure. Tannic intensity is enhanced while at the same time being silkier, with final sweetness.


Tartaric stabilisation, freshness, sweetness and length in the mouth
UltiMA Fresh is a preparation based on selected mannoproteins, intended for the stabilisation of tartrate precipitation. It also helps to increase length in the mouth and sweetness, simultaneously decreasing bitterness, to provide optimal flavour balance.


Preserving and restoring aromatic freshness in wines


Persistence, fresh taste and reduced bitterness UltiMA Ready Expression is a solution based on selected manno-proteins which enhances aromatic persistence and brings out the fresh taste of wines. It also helps diminish aggressive sensations such as bitterness or astringency.


Optimisation of the taste perception of sparkling wines made using the tank method. UltiMA Ready Fizz is a solution made with selected manno-proteins which balances out the creamy sensation and perception of freshness linked to the fizziness of wines made using the Charmat method. UltiMA Ready Fizz contributes to the full-bodied flavour and long finish of these wines, limiting the aggressive taste of the bubbles and supporting the elegance of the fizz.
UltiMA Ready Fizz has been designed to fully respect the aromatic purity and expression of wines produced using the tank method. It can also help stabilise the bubbles.


Roundness and aromatic persistence UltiMA Ready Life is a selected mannoprotein-based solution which in particular interacts with the aromatic
compounds of the wine. It also helps to improve colloidal balance of the wine, mouth length and sweetness.


Tartrate stabilisation, roundness and aromatic persistence
UltiMASoft is a preparation based on selected mannoproteins and is primarily intended to stabilise wines susceptible to tartaric precipitation. UltiMA Soft also helps to improve a wine’s colloidal balance, increasing length in the mouth and sweetness.