Fermentation optimization - Nitrogen sources

Fermentation optimization - Nitrogen sources


A mineral nitrogen activator for promoting yeast growth
FOSFOVIT provides a nitrogenous supplement to boost alcoholic fermentation in nitrogen-poor media. We recommend its use one third of the way through alcoholic fermentation or with secondary fermentation.Since it also contains thiamine (0.15%), FOSFOVIT makes a strong yeast growth possible but avoids some of the disadvantages connected with the use of ammonium sulphate (a potential source of SO2 and unacceptable for organic winemaking).


For the starters
DIAMMONIUM PHOSPHATE is a nitrogen additive, for areas lacking in nutrients. It is used when the starter is produced or during bottle fermentation.


For deficient musts
Made up of diammonium phosphate and ammonium sulphate, complete phosphates give the yeasts a nitrogen-based nutrition complement. Specially designed for areas with significant nitrogen deficiency (harvests affected by rot, very ripe)


For fermentation to start quickly
A diammonium phosphate and thiamine based mixture, the TITRATED PHOSPHATES enable fermentation to start more effectively, ensure a supply of nitrogen and optimise fermentation yields.