IOC leads you at any step of the winemaking processes and advises you to find out and adapt the technology you need and look for.

In order to control the quality of your wines, IOC advises you to define the best solutions and the best technologies: hi-tech equipment, experiments, careful choice of suppliers.

Whatever your issue or your question, our sales team answers you and will face and solve your trouble.



We offer various types of equipment for filtering wine, water and air:

Filtration using cartridges, plates, lenticular… Take a look at our leaflet

Controlling oxygen

Oxygen is a major component in winemaking. Oxygen may be at the start of many qualitative variations but, it can become a real tool to master the wine quality.

Our skills, competences and know-how are an added value to the success of your wine. Take a look at our leaflet


In Champagne, we offer tailor-made facilities:

  • Tanks for making red and white wines
  • Stainless steel gateways, stainless steel pipelines
  • Special tanks, blending tanks, liquor tanks, reception tanks
  • Cylindrical and rectangular tanks
  • Tartaric stabilisation tanks
  • Stainless steel covering for concrete tanks


Winemaking equipment

Our range covers:

  • Pumps
  • Pipes, connectors
  • Filtration equipment
  • Items for barrels
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Temperature, oxygen input controls
  • Special equipment for making red wines

Or any items you could need


Laboratory equipment

Have a look to our laboratory equipment by browsing our catalogue.

Hygiene and decontamination

Have a look to all the equipment needed for good hygiene and decontamination process in our catalogue.
Hygiene and decontamination products

Labelling adhesives

List of products