Fermentation optimization - Yeast protectors

Fermentation optimization - Yeast protectors


Drastically simplified yeasting without compromising fermentation safety and aromatic revelation.


Yeast protector to bring out the aromas of rosé wines. The result is that the yeast is able to bring out the entire aromatic potential of the rosé must, in complete safety where fermentation is concerned, even in stress conditions.


To prepare yeasts for alcoholic fermentation. Natural product based on inactivated yeasts, extremely rich in sterols that strengthen the yeast’s plasma membrane during rehydration. A yeast protected from rehydration is an unstressed yeast that will produce fewer compounds that could spoil the wine.


Yeast protector for prise de mousse. Strengthening the membrane allows the yeasts to be less stressed during inoculation of the tirage wine and more resistant to the increase in alcohol content and the carbon dioxide gas concentration during bubble-forming.