Yeasts - Yeasts for sparkling wines

Yeasts - Yeasts for sparkling wines

LEVURE IOC 18-2007

For top of the range wines
A strain selected by the Institut OEnologique de Champagne from the best strains of the great Champagne vineyards.Excellent adaptation to the most difficult liquors: low pH, low temperature, high alcohol content.Rapidly established, complete breakdown of sugars and low nutrient requirements.It is ideally suited to making wines by the traditional method and closed-tank method.


For the Closed-Tank method
The IOC FIZZ yeast has been selected for vinification of sparkling wines using the closed-tank method.Its ability to adapt to difficult liquors enables it to provide rapid and complete bubble formation.


Aromatic yeast bringing out fruity notes for the Closed-Tank method
The IOC FIZZ+ yeast has been selected to meet the expectations of sparkling wine production using the Charmat method (closed-tank). It not only has very good fermentation characteristics for bubble-forming as in the first fermentation, but also contributes to the fruity intensity of these wines.


Natural, pre-fermentation protection for grape harvests and musts. Gaïa is a Metschnikowia fructicola yeast with no fermenting power, to combat the harmful flora. It fills an ecological niche by limiting deviations and the risk of triggering an excessively early alcoholic fermentation. GAÏA is a major tool for limiting pre-fermentation sulphiting.