Yeasts - Other yeasts

Yeasts - Other yeasts

LEVURE IOC 11-1002

For regular and complete fermentation of light white, rosé and red wines
This strain is very resistant to high alcohol contents. It performs a regular and complete fermentation without adding any particular aromatic character to the wine.

LEVURE IOC 11-1002 K

For regular and complete fermentation of light white, rosé and red wines.
This strain is used to obtain fine wines.Its killer character helps it get established and gets the fermentation started quickly.It provides regular and complete fermentations and withstands high alcohol contents well.


Organic Yeast
Certified-organic yeast that fulfils all the conditions demanded by European rules. It can be used very flexibly: killer factor, alcohol tolerance and adaptability to a wide range of fermentation temperatures.Product distributed by IOC only in France.


A complex mixture of yeasts allowing the terroir and the grapes to express themselves to their full potential, in complete safety.


Natural, pre-fermentation protection for grape harvests and musts. Gaïa is a Metschnikowia fructicola yeast with no fermenting power, to combat the harmful flora. It fills an ecological niche by limiting deviations and the risk of triggering an excessively early alcoholic fermentation. GAÏA is a major tool for limiting pre-fermentation sulphiting.


For fine, strong wines
It respects the aromatic characteristics of grape varieties and regions. In every case it produces very little volatile acidity. It is used to obtain white ans rosé wines with great finesse and red wines with very strong aromas.