Enzymes - Specific enzymes

Enzymes - Specific enzymes


For aromatic grape varieties
Reveals aromas
The precursors of young wine aromas in grape varieties such as Muscat, Gewurztraminer, Riesling are terpenic components which may have been partially glycosylated and therefore “not expressed”. Exarome enables these components contained within films or juices to be freed.


To limit volatile acidity and avoid lactic acetification
Lysozyme has the property of inhibiting gram+ bacteria (lactic bacteria) Where alcoholic fermentation stops, blocks the development of lactic bacteria and enables the prevention of lactic acetification without inhibiting alcoholic fermentation.As a preventive measure, enables final volatile acidity to be reduced.Malolactic fermentation can then be started.


To accelerate yeast autolysis
Strengthens the wine structure by making them rounded and full-bodied.
Betaglucanase activity acts to free parietal components from the yeast, giving the wine all the benefits of production on lees.


Bringing out aromas from precursors. MYZYM AROMA is a formulation developed to obtain more aromatic white wines. It has many glycosidic activities, in particular beta-glucosidase.  


Clarifying botrytised or flesh-laden juices and wines and enhancing filterability. MYZYM CLEAR features dual main activities: – highly-purified and concentrated pectolytic activities that hydrolyse grape pectins.
– a glucanase activity that reduces polymers (beta (1.3-1.6) glucans) from Botrytis.
In juices altered by Botrytis, this synergy of activities is essential. These juices are particularly difficult to clarify, but are also extremely oxygen-sensitive on account of the oxidative activities of grapes and Botrytis.


Enhancing richness and aromas by accelerated autolysis of yeasts MYZYM ELEVAGE is a concentrated glucanase beta activity (1.3-1.6) preparation, whose activity helps free yeast cell wall compounds, responsible for roundness and savours.


Liquid formulation for direct-pressing and clarification of juices for distillation products (low PME). MYZYM READY SPIRIT is a pectolytic enzyme preparation, specially adapted for directly-pressed harvests producing distillation wines. MYZYM READY SPIRIT is low in pectin methyl esterase activity and, as such, limits
methanol release.